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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Planned litters

  I breed czechoslovakian wolfdogs 24 years  !!!

I have begun to take reservations for the 2018 litters.  If you already are sure of the mother of your next puppy, I can go ahead and place you on my list. All pups from my kennel are 100% czechoslovakian Wofldog.  I never mix this breed with any other breeds.  All pedigree data is true and displays the pureness of our bloodlines.

All pups in the 2018 litters will be free of degenerative myelopathy illnes.  All   set of parents will have at least one parent that is clear of DM, therefore   guaranteeing the litter will not be be afected of DM, although not necessarily free of   DM carriers.  Degenerative myelopathy is a recessive genetic disease and   will only manifest if both parents are carriers.  Since I watch for this   when selecting mates, the litters will not have any pups that suffer from   DM.

All my breeding females are tested for dwarfismus and they are dw : N/N!!! It means, in my litter will never born dwarf puppy. And I can use for breeding males with result  N/N or N/DW.

 Choose your favorite female:


                 Brie Lostris                                                          Xuki II od Úhoště                       



        Tiki II od Úhoště                              Connie Arnaq Šedý poklad


Litters from other females:

( Here are females of my friends, pups will not have name "od Úhoště". But you can contact me for reservations)


                                                                    Fairy II od Úhoště                                        Ultrix II od Úhoště